Freedom from Addiction

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God is so good! His timing is amazing. I have done a lot of generational work in the past and was surprised to need to do the work with one of your ministers. Apparently it wasn’t just for me. In the last 12 years, one of my nieces had become a drug addict, embezzler, and sex-addict. She has tried to stop; nothing has helped – till Tuesday. Another niece just called. Her mother just reported that on Tuesday everything changed for that niece. It was like scales fell off her eyes. She can see what she has been doing the last 12 years. Awesome God!  I am so grateful to see fruit in my family. I just turned 60, and have felt like a dried root [in the past]. It’s great to be able to be life-giving to my family, even when they dishonor[ed] me and my walk with the Lord. Go, God!