February 12, 2013 Session of Biblical Discernment Exploration

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Raylene – message from an angel
Feeling this item that the angel is carrying is like a packing crate
Where they ship in containers
Looks like a shipping container of sorts
Long and square and tall – it’s a gift
Unique weaponry
For this time
Hearing we can open it
Open the top
“You’ve done well
You’ve opened the puzzle
There’s much to behold
Many things that have yet been untold
You’re going faster and faster
And time won’t stand still
But it won’t have to
Because I’ve brought you a thrill
I told you that it would be fun
It’s about ready to begun
And you will run
And not fail
I’m sending you weapons
The enemy can’t fight
They’ve been stored up as treasure
Of my power and of my might
Keep on digging
Keep searching
You’re on the right track
And I’ve even sent you a treasure map”
Dawn Bray –
“Round and round and round it goes
Where does it stop? I will show”
I see what looks like a tunnel of some sort
The tunnel is spinning
I can see the shapes that are coming out of the tunnel
And I have a feeling tha the tunnel is goingt o stop turning’
And that you’re going to be able to access a place that has not been accessed that is like a gate
I see a gate that is in front of the tunnel
I feel healing on my hand when I touch the gate
Paul – The saints are singing a brand new song
It sounds like a high-pitched sound
When I put my hand on it – on the gate – it’s stronger – the sound gets stronger
I have a scroll in my mouth
Whatever we’re doing is tied to my dream and tied to healing
Amy – Acts 3:2 – “and a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms from those who entered the temple.”
Paul – I have a large sphere in my hand
Like a pearl – Pearl of Great Price
I don’t have that anymore – I have a long cylinder in my hand – a scroll
Ken – hearing ‘castle of glass’
Jana –
-Paul gives her a scroll-
“It is by the order of Melchizedek
Time to hear and see
Time outside of time
Places from perception
Of our belief
It’s time to believe
Break the dichotomy
Break deception
The pearl of great price
Is a reflection
If identity that you become
One like the forerunner
Togo through heavenly places
To bring true order
It’s healing for the temple
In the true design
(my hands are on fire)
{Paul – lot of power here now)
And this must be
That you believe
It’s in a corporate with the cloud of witnesses
You’ve aligned your position
To make a better decision
You’ve taken realms
From platforms of justice
The order is true
From the courtroom to the council
You are gathered to agree
For the truth to be believed
Deception has pulled
A lot of people away
Into structures of religion
Into deception
With wrong decisions
But I’ve now made a way where there was no way
Realm upon realm
It’s a holy highway
It’s a corporate mantle
That you have been fighting for
That’s why you’ve been sharing in each other’s suffering
Because the healing is so much more”
(something’s gathering – not sure what’s going on)
Paul – the hosts are gathering
Nilsa – Revelation 21:21 – the twelve gates….castle of glass
Paul – Romans 8:18 – the revealing…for the earnest expectation of the creation….revealing of the sons of God
Luke 3:36 – the line of Jesus through Joseph…Adam, the son of God
Psalm 82 – you are ‘gods’ (little ‘Elohim’s)
Matthew 13:37 – he who sows the good seed is the son of man…
Right now we are in the council – we will wait to see what the Lord wants to do…
Psalm 89 – sons of the mighty
Jana – 2 Cor. 12:2 –
Foundations of the apostles and prophets –
Paul – holding a cone
Ephesians 2:19 – you are no longer strangers and foreigners…
Raylene –
Turn around and see the path
Enter the gate
I’ve set a bridge
It’s a mighty footpath
For the sons of God
Ken – a kaleidoscope
In the council
Semicircle table
On the banners – the tribes
Spinning stars on the floor in front of the council
Paul feeling the host – the armies of God – like they’ve all stood up
The captain of the host – he’s stood up – (in Joshua)
Don’t feel the message yet
Now it’s like the entire council has stood up
Ralene =- seeing explosions of light being sen tout fm the council
Paul has a sword
Who will follow the Lord fo Lords and the King of Kings? Jesus is His Name.
We march forward and onward to conquer new realms for our King.
Raylene gets Jeremiah 23:19-20

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