Exploring Heavenly Places Volume 12: The Mystery of the Ancient Paths

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Four little words tend to dominate our lives—want, need, lack and expect; and fear lies at their root. Sadly, instead of seeking God first and traveling along His righteous pathways, we often tend to focus mainly on everyday stuff. As a result, we wander helplessly around  in the hubbub of life, seeking a sense of peace and rest that is difficult to find.

Key to overcoming the ravenous appetite of those worldly expectations is a biblical understanding of what they should be, as opposed to what they often are. We also need insights regarding how our warped perceptions of want, need, lack and expect came to be in the first place. This volume of Exploring Heavenly Places: The Mystery of the Ancient Paths is meant to further equip God’s people to persevere and endure within a worldly system that wants nothing more than to snuff out Christianity. Suggestions are offered that can lead to developing new expectations and a righteous hope for the future.