Discerning the Seven Eyes of the Lord

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This diagram shows locations where we are discerning manifestations of the Seven Eyes of the Lord. This topic is addressed in the verses listed above. We believe that “chakras” in eastern belief systems are a corruption of the Godly concept known as the Seven Eyes of the Lord.

The false teaching of chakras states that these points are centers of life energy.

The “Prayer to Rescind the Evils Associated with Buddhism” addresses the manipulation of chakras. Click here to view that prayer.

The Bible teaches that God is the source of all energy and life. In addition, we cannot control energy through our own effort. We must therefore recognize that we need God to be in control over all flows of energy around us.

It could be that by discerning ungodly influences around these locations we can understand how the enemy is trying to corrupt our perceptions of God’s truth. Praise God that through His Son these perceptions can be corrected and cleansed!


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