For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce:

Forgetting You, Lord, and exalting myself as lord of my life
Misusing godly supplies and money
Worshiping Your gifts instead of You, God, the Giver of the gifts
Not guarding my heart with all diligence towards You, Lord
Not reading and acting upon the Word of God
Not spending time with You
Not sowing with an attitude of righteousness and therefore not reaping the fruit of unfailing love
Not breaking up my unplowed ground which has resulted in hardheartedness
Not extending and receiving mercy for myself and others
Plowing wickedness and reaping injustice
Eating the fruit of lies and deception
Trusting in my own ways and my own strength

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce wearing a crown of pride.
I choose to exchange the crown of pride for Your crown of glory and a diadem of beauty.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce being apathetic and passive towards our governmental inheritance and not being partakers and stewards of prayer concerning the government and the battle at the gate. I choose now to be a gatekeeper and a watchman of prayer concerning the government of my home, neighborhood, city, county, state, country, and the world. I have a longing for justice and righteousness. I receive Your wisdom for strategies that will bring victory to Your Kingdom on earth.

For myself and my family line I repent for and renounce not seizing the opportunity to pray and speak into the realm of influence into which You placed us. I now choose to be obedient and redeem the time. Please now bring me out of man’s time and into Your kairos time, into the present moment of Your presence and will, and please establish Your authority in me on earth as it is in heaven.

For myself and my family line I repent for the priests, prophets, and leaders who have erred in vision and stumbled in judgment and were partakers in generational addictions. I repent for and renounce those teachers who did not teach godly precepts and did not develop line upon line, but gave milk instead of true discernment. I repent for not receiving with an open heart the godly precepts of the Lord and for closing the door to the blessings. I renounce and repent for hardheartedness and for allowing my heart to become dull.

For myself and my family line I repent for and renounce putting up walls that keep us from hearing and receiving Your Word. I ask You to remove the walls that keep me from hearing and receiving Your godly precepts. I ask You, Lord, to break off the curse of hearing but not understanding, and of seeing but not perceiving.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce not hearing Your call to enter into Your rest. I repent for myself and all those in my generational line who strived in an attempt to minister to the flock. I repent for the leaders in my family line who did not offer Living Water but offered human wisdom and knowledge as the answer for spiritual matters. I repent for leaders in my family line who chose to bear the sin of the people rather than allow Christ to be the sacrifice.

For myself and my family line, I repent for those who were in positions of spiritual leadership and did not shepherd or feed the sheep but fleeced them. I repent for myself and those in my generational line who ruled by force and hardhearted harshness, who did not strengthen the diseased and the weak, who did not heal the sick, who did not bandage the hurt, and who did not bring back the lost who had gone astray. I repent for receiving and holding offense against unholy shepherds. Lord, I ask You to restore the scattered sheep. I ask that You return godly shepherds’ hearts to this generational line. Lord please break off all the consequences that came as a result of being weak, exhausted, and poor leaders who caused Your sheep to be led astray.

For myself and my family line, I repent and renounce all attempts to satisfy our spiritual thirst by going to broken cisterns and drawing from poisoned wells instead of the fountain of living water and for using human methods to accomplish the purposes of the Spirit.

For myself and all in my family line, I repent for forsaking You, the Lord of Hosts, through weakness and backsliding. I did not consider or realize what an evil and bitter thing it is to forsake You, Lord. I realize now that I did not fear You, Lord.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce being unwise, impatient, and going here and there to increase knowledge instead of seeking You first.

Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit so I can move in Your love; illuminate me with Your revelation. Please release me as a leader to walk in the fullness of Your wisdom and to shine like the stars of heaven, leading many to righteousness.

For myself and my family line, I renounce and repent for calling You, “Lord” but not obeying Your words. I repent for not healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead as You commanded Your followers to do. I invite You to do these works through me by Your Spirit. I choose to obey Your commands.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce building on a refuge of lies and deceptions and striking agreements with the god of death to avoid the grave and the coming destruction. Please annul this covenant with death and break this curse off me. I choose to build on You, Lord Jesus, the true foundation, the Living Stone in Whom I will never be shaken.

For myself and my family line, I renounce and repent for being intoxicated with the world instead of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce not following Your command to submit to the Father and to one another.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce not abiding in Your light and partaking in unfruitful works of darkness. Lord, please free me to awaken and to arise to do Your will.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce all hidden sins and ask You to reveal them in the light of Your presence. Help me discern my error and the error of my generational line. Cleanse me from hidden faults; uncover any lies which hide my sin and any deceptions I have concealed from myself and others.

Lord, help me to confess my faults to others and to pray for others so that I may be healed and so that You may present me faultless before the presence of Your glory.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce disobeying You and not keeping Your commandments. Lord, please remove all the consequences that have come upon me and my generational line: sickness, depression, despair, oppression, mental illness, loss, debt, lack, famine, slavery, fear, barrenness, fruitlessness, and failed marriages.

Lord, I choose to obey you. Holy Spirit, please help me to obey the Father. Please command all of Your blessings to come and overtake me and my generational line: fruitfulness, fertility, divine health, increase in the storehouses of finances and goods, harvests, blessings in all my ways, rain to the land in the right seasons, godly rulership and authority, a sevenfold victory over my enemies, and establishment as a part of Your Holy people.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce all selfishness, self-centeredness, self-protection and decisions not to love myself and others. I choose now to live in all the fullness of love which will lead me to my birthright ordained by Jesus Christ. Lord, please disconnect me from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and connect me to the Tree of Life so that Your love will flow through me and touch others.

I confess that in Christ, I am free from the spirit of slavery and I am adopted as Your son. I agree with You that I am Your child and Your heir according to Your promise. I pray for Your divine intervention in my life. I also ask You to reveal Your glory in me, so that I can take my place as a son of God and so that I will rule over creation according to your original call.

Lord, please break the seal of the revelation of Daniel in my life and release me into the fullness of my birthright.

Lord, I choose to turn towards You. I ask that You remove from my face the veil that separates me from You. Lord, please remove all ungodly devices and religious spirits and disconnect me from all ungodly heavenly places that keep me from Your glory. Please reveal Your glory in me. I receive freedom from Your Holy Spirit and please transform me into Your likeness with ever increasing glory.

I declare I will:

remember all the blessings and faithfulness of You, God, with a thankful heart
be a good steward of everything You give me as You direct me
keep my eyes on Your face and not on Your hands
guard my heart with all diligence by being careful to protect my eye gate, ear gate, and heart gate
seek You
extend mercy to myself and others and receive mercy for myself
sow righteousness and reap justice and the fruit of unfailing love
eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life which is Jesus Christ
trust in Your Word, Your Ways, and Your Strength
be an over comer through Your grace and take back dominion over the land and over all creation

I declare I will enter into Your glory. I declare I will no longer allow my sin to separate me from Your glory. I declare I want to come and sup with You, Lord. I declare I want You to disclose Your Face to me. I declare I will no longer hide from You. I declare this is the time to move into Your realms of glory. I declare this is a new time, a new period, and a new season. I declare that this is the time of a directional shift into Your birthright for me.

The prayers provided on this website have been developed during bible studies, prayer sessions and through revelation. We have faith that they have been provided by God and we test them all against God’s Holy Word. These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit. Permission is given to reproduce this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and on all reproductions.
This prayer is included in our book Prayers for Generational Deliverance.

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