In the Midst of the Storm: Stillness


By Paul L. Cox and Barbara Kain Parker

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We live in a day that reflects the end-times warnings of both Old Testament prophets and Jesus; and whether the trials we face are personal, national or international, they are often overwhelming. Day by day, the enemy’s agenda for the annihilation of mankind through all manner of wickedness swirls about like a hurricane; but In the Midst of the Storm: Stillness, a place of peace and rest where God offers a buffer against the raging winds that surround us.

Ideally, Christians ought to be able to escape into His presence regardless of what is happening; but sadly, no one ever talks much about the cost of following Jesus. Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians about the importance of equipping the saints; and in this book, the authors attempt to do just that; not only examining the requirements of discipleship but also illuminating the stillness, peace and hope that is available in Him; because He meets us where we are, in the midst of life’s storms.

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