Generational Prayers – 2022 Edition


Edited by Paul L. Cox, Brian P. Cox, and Barbara Kain Parker

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In addition to thirteen new prayers*, Generational Prayers – 2022 Edition includes over eighty updates and revisions to existing prayers!
For almost thirty years, prayers from Aslan’s Place have acted as starting points as ministers, groups and individuals work to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in generational prayer. These prayers have been developed during Aslan’s Place events, Bible studies, prayer sessions and through revelation.

They provide an opportunity to enter into new freedom as you exercise the authority you have through Jesus Christ over your life and family line.

Prayers and resources new to our 2022 edition:

  • Prayer to Break the Influence of the Father of Lies
  • Prayer to Break Ungodly Connections Associated with Military Service
  • Prayer to Reconcile, Reunite and Restore Me to The Land Where I Live
  • Prayer to Remove Me from Ungodly Counsel
  • Prayer of Release from The Multi-Dimensional Zodiac System
  • Prayer to Break the Influence of Fallen Sons of God Over My Family Line
  • Prayer to Be Released from Ungodly Want, Need, Lack and Expectations
  • Prayer to Remove the Effects of the Rebellion of the Ungodly Mighty Ones
  • Prayer to Release the Joyful Sound
  • Prayer of Repentance and Release for Those of Jewish Ancestry
  • Time Prayer
  • Prayer to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Prayer of Release from Sororities and Fraternities


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