Prayer for Renunciation of Generational Druidism

I renounce any and all participation by my ancestors in druidic worship, sacrifices, or rituals.

I renounce any human sacrifice made by my ancestors. I renounce human sacrifice by burning, drowning in wells, or suffocating in cauldrons, or by slitting of throats over a cauldron to catch the blood.

I renounce the Druid animal gods, especially Baco the Boar, Cernunnos the stag-antlered man, and Epona and her horse.

I renounce the false god Dis, god of night.

I renounce looking to the stars to tell the future or for assistance in decision making. I renounce all divination.

I renounce the tossing of valuables into wells as a prayer or offering for any purpose.

I renounce the annual meetings in the territory of the Carnutes.

I renounce allegiance to the high priest of the Druids.

I renounce the control of the peasant people by the Druidic orders. I renounce the slavery of the average person while Druids held power.

I renounce any religious rites involving mistletoe, oak trees, or acorns, or the gathering of these items. I renounce any spirits of oak trees or other plant life.

I renounce all placing of human skulls or bones into buildings for decorative or foundational purposes.

I renounce the Druidic control of the government of the land.

I command all spirits associated with the above to leave me now in the name of Jesus.