The Revelation of the Vault : Provision for the Vision

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The Revelation of the Vault: Provision for the Vision is more riveting than a seat-of-your-pants fictional adventure! From intriguing personal stories, to inspired biblical revelation, to walking by faith and not by sight, to incredible fulfilled prophecies; this book is hard to put down.

You’ll learn about discernment and unity; you’ll see how prophetic words, dreams and visions all come together to reveal God’s bigger picture; you’ll read of fulfilled prophecies; you’ll dive into biblical teachings and discover new insights into God’s Word; you’ll be inspired to dream bigger and to expect greater things from the hand of the Lord. Hope in the promises of God abound; and when the last page has been read, it will be clear that The Revelation of the Vault demonstrates the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory of God, coming together on Earth as it is in Heaven.