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The short answer is that you should wait at least one month after a session before you consider scheduling another one.

Goals our prayer ministers have include helping you achieve breakthrough in all areas of your life and increase your preparedness as you continue to work out your salvation.  It is also the minister’s desire to help you nurture your personal relationship with God.

Once a session is concluded, it is important for you to spend one on one time with God in prayer and in His word (the Bible).  If you are looking forward to the next session, then you are possibility overlooking the healing and restoration God wants to bring you one on one with Him.

On another note, be sure to spend time taking inventory of positive changes in your life (no matter how small they seem).  Too often, we make lists of problems in our life and overlook how God is making things better.

Then, after time has passed, you can prayerfully consider another session.


Posted in: Deliverance and Generational Prayer