Mimi Lowe

About Mimi Lowe

Mimi Lowe started her Christian walk after being touched by the Holy Spirit at the age of 6. As an adult, she pursued healing and deliverance for her own personal life. It is this pursuit that inspired her to continue her education with the vision to help others who are in need. Mimi has received training through International School of Evangelism, Healing and Deliverance through Ellel Ministries, Elijah House, Theophostic Counseling, Pastoral Care Prayer Healing and Restoration in Christ Ministries and the School of Ministries 1 and 2 at Aslan's Place. She also served as an intern at Aslan's Place in Hesperia, California and is a member of the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counselors of America. Mimi can be reached through her website www.mimilowe.com